robert loughlin in the new york times....

Robert Loughlin holding a piece of Frank Lloyd Wright fabric
at the 26th Street Flea Market in 1991
with Fern "Do we know what this is?" Simon.
(photo: Ed Quinn via The New York Times)

 Robert Loughlin died 2 weeks ago,
but today I know he went to heaven 
because the
published his obituary.
If you know Robert, you know what I mean.
He, along with his partner Gary,
were OBSESSED with anything and anybody 
who was in The Times. If you were in The Times,
you were somebody or something.
ALL that mattered is that you were in,
they didn't care why,
just the fact that they had printed something about you, 
good or bad 
meant that you,
 at that moment,
 and forever on,
 would matter to them.
That's why I was so happy/sad
today when my phone
started lighting up with everybody 
telling me the good news.
Maybe that seems strange to you, but believe me,
if you knew Robert,
this is the only way his death would be complete
in my mind,
 I truly believe.
 in his....
So rest in peace Robert,
and know that people all over the world 
are thinking about you right now.
Just tonight I met someone who was wearing one of your
"Brute" t-shirts as a tribute,
all the way over here in London.
You were a well-loved man Robert,
and I
along with all the other freaks,
miss the hell out or you....

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