robert loughlin @ paul johnson trading gallery

Hum, head to the opening of the Whitney Biennial, or go see 500 paintings in one place by one artist? The latter please. Everyone has seen Robert's ubiquitous "Brute" paintings over the years...but 500 in one loft, all curated and hung by decorator to the art world stars Ricky Clifton? That happens WAY less than every two years....

The front of Mr Clifton's soccer shirt said "BIMBO", who knew he was into Mexican soccer???

Every wall was covered....

I really like the round format. These were all painted on old platters and chargers.

His Royal Gayness.

Wow, rare appearance of a cross cigarette....

These are all painted books, boxes and records, some which are hilarious!

Such as this one. Perfect, god, so perfect.

Skull and crossbone portraits.

I think Paul bought the giant foot at our show of Robert's work way back when.

Paul with his Robert shirt from 280 Modern's show from WAY, way back yonder. Love that shirt, I have two Robert gave me, one filthy, and one new.

Dirty Brute.

DADA wall.

Painted table tops.

Beautiful Blue Brute.

U Brute.

Big Black Tattoo.

Scary Brute Dream.

Red Target

Not my kind of trip....

Love this.

There was a big group of painted chairs too.

Last one, but if you want to see more, or buy, they are all for sale, contact Paul at http://www.johnsontradinggallery.com


  1. check it out!


  2. Thanks! Had not seen that yet.

  3. Thank you im a great fan of his Art

  4. love that Brute,
    mal E (downunder)