kara walker eat your heart out

There is a Salvation Army down the street from me that I had never been in before. I always figured, why go in, I'm sure there are picker mutants waiting in line when it opens and practically living in there waiting for something, ANYTHING to show up. Bad attitude I know, but I've done my thrift time, and I now only enjoy them when far away from New York City, in the middle of nowhere. So, a few days ago, I finally walked in, and this is what I saw, huge cut-out silhouettes portraits ala Kara Walker of what look like rap musicians, or at least musicians from the mid to late 80s, early 90s.... Kara did her first silhouette in 1994.... I'm just sayin'....

This is how big they are.

Nice touch with the mike cord.

Very Kara, this one....

This guy is in a New Wave band, I just know it.

This is the token Rocker.

The display murals are kinda cool. This one is of the Chelsea Hotel.

I hope that bull takes out the two suits.

This one is my favorite. It looks like Biggie no?

Is it Biggie or an urban Alfred Hitchcock???

Ok Sal Arm visual team, this is a little much in so many ways....

So what have we learned here today kids, other than I have too much time on my hands? Well, maybe Kara Walker didn't get her inspiration from the late 18th century fad of cut paper portraits, but from a Salvation Army in Chelsea....

Christopher George Latore Wallace
5/21/72 - 3/9/97

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