I had no idea when I bought this little puzzle yesterday that I would get obsessed with it the way I have, but my obsession is put to SHAME by Thorleif Bundgard... here are a few highlights from his webpage on SOMA.  I will try to explain what I'm posting, but to be honest, my brain doesn't work the way Thorleif's does (he is an Academy Engineer in Electronics and Computers in Denmark) so here we go....

This is Thor at his computer. Nice Poul Henningsen lamp Thor, but you need an update on your computer rig....

Hello Mr Puzzle maker!
Thor said:
"A foto of a young Mr. Skjøde on presumably the largest solid SOMA cube in the world. The cube stood in the garden in Skjern and is long gone by now. However the Skjøde family still own a similar version having a sidelength of 52 cm. Made in solid mahogany, thus being rather heavy. " 
Duh Thor.

I am very jealous of Skjode and of this original box. I bet that is even Skjode's wife; if your SOMA is that big, you'd have a beautiful wife too....

More sexy box shots....

There was even a magazine! (Why am I surprised?) Parker Brothers published 4 issues in 1970.

This could be me in a few months.

This is what some of the cooler mathematical stuff (which is 95% of the website) looks like.



Just look at the pretty pictures Patrick....


Slanted and enchanted SOMA

Lucky SOMA.

More boring math stuff.

SOMA in space.

Early SOMA computer game. They have one for the iPhone too.

Later instructions.

The earliest instructions printed on the box.

Giant homemade SOMA pit group.

Frank Gehry SOMA. Have you noticed I like typing SOMA?

This has to be the world's largest SOMA...for now....

Whew, I'm SOMA tired, time for a nap on my SOMA SOFA.


Until tomorrow at least.


  1. Seek help! You need to go to SOMA-nonymous!

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