piet hein and the soma

Well, Matt the Super-Picker was back today with more goodies from the "Ice Storm" house. I had to buy this "game" by Piet Hein, called SOMA. He invented it in the 30's (I would LOVE to find one from then....)  and this one is from the 60's. Rosewood and aluminum. Very nice. Below you will see some of my attempts to "solve" the SOMA conundrum....

Back of original catalog.


More info for info nerds.

This is what the original 30's version looks like.

1st attempt....


Ok, I wasn't really trying this time, but nice skyscraper huh?

Tried a little bit....

These are the new steps in our house.
I wish.

Breakin' the rules!

More flaunting of the laws of SOMA.

Can't stop, time to get serious....

It's hard not to have fun with this thing.

Not good.

Looks like a chair.

Does this count?

DID IT!!!!!

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