R.I.P Robert Loughlin

Robert Loughlin

Artist Robert Loughlin has tragically died. 
He was hit by a car in New Jersey early this morning.
 Our thoughts are with his family and partner Gary....R.I.P. Robert....

More on Robert here, here, here and here.

News of his death here.

Update here.


  1. Without robert none of us would have careers. he knew more than all of us put together, and beat everyone of us to the punch. Thanks for posting this Patrick. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you Gary.

    Jim Walrod

  2. Robert Loughlin
    The face that represents the final hoorah of Manhattans era of decadence , indulgence , inspiration and self exposure . Hero of the common man / artist , walking definition of abstract expression combined with free association .. Every door to the now , new and next has a Robert tag on it ! Long live Dada ! Big love and support dear Gary ...

    Power to the peaceful
    Richard Weissenberger Crosby Studio NYC

    10/1/11 10:12 AM