robert loughlin : the early years

I was going through old pictures at work
 and came across these scans of some proof sheet "remains"
 that Robert Loughlin had given us to document
 when we did a show of his work in 2005.
I had forgotten how striking Robert was in them.

I believe these were taken in San Francisco in the mid to late 70s.

These sheets have been through hell and back and they are really beautiful.
We gave the originals back to Robert, but 
God knows where they are now....

I have no idea who took them either....

This could be 1976, that could explain 
the flag diaper and the flag pillow...

Same sheet from above, spun and enlarged.

Robert was into modern design, 
WAY before anyone else.
He was a true pioneer.

I miss you Robert, PLEASE drop by sometime if you see this....

To see Roberts work in T Magazine of the New York Times
click here.

To see the show I blogged about at Johnson Trading Gallery
click here

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