and now for something completely different....


GET INTO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Volume 1, number 1.
Like there would be a volume 2.
Gotta love the enthusiasm though.

Let's get going!

Check out those Vans!
(Plus the matching socks.)

Random old dude bombing the subway.
Not sure why this was in here,
but it's cool to see the subway decorated all pretty.

I love the outfits.
I will be seeing these exact rigs on the LES
this summer for sure.

This kid is TIGHT!

When are boom boxes making a comeback?
Like they ever went away.
I always wanted a wall of old ones....

I wish I could make this one bigger.

Dude, please! Look at those Nikes.
Can't tell.

For so many reasons.

Check out the Kamikaze flag headband.

Most of these were shot in NYC, but this one was shot in LA.

This really needs to be bigger to appreciate the beauty....


Cover Boy.
Kinda lame after Badass.

More good 80's Nikes

The Helicopter.


Lame Cover Boy again.

Love this shot.
The magazine is big,
this spread is almost 2 feet across.
Wish Blogger would let me make it bigger....

A detail of the numbered instructions for each move.

I love the stills at the top of each page that shows 
the moves in an Eadweard Muybridge
Plus, this guy's get-up is tight too.

There are dozens and dozens of these tiny shots that are so classic.

Edward Muybridge and crowd.

Back Cover Boy.
He's looking a little better here.

Let's give credit where credit is due.

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