more creepy nyc peepin'

What IS that I see?
I mean peep....

See it!?!?


Fucking Warhol Silver Single Elvis....

Just a hangin'....

So sweet....

Imagine what else is in this tiny townhouse....

I happen to know that this is the real deal.
I do not know the owner, but I know a bit of the story,
and had no idea the dots would connect
 as I walked up/down/over/across
______ Street 
on my way from ____.
Long story, lots of dots, but it's 100% right
as rain.

I love NYC for this,
every day is an adventure,
an experience,
even if it is just droolin' from the sidewalk....

Cheers to you Elvis!
You and Mr. Warhol made my night!
And to the owner,
no faux hate like here,
only mad "respects" for your eye....

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