sky high night view hate you

What a killer view
up here at the Cooper Square Hotel penthouse.
Great spot for a party....

Wait, what is that?

Is that someone's penthouse apartment?


Huge patio too?

Double height windows?
Those ceilings must be 18 feet high!

Is that a Kjaerholm daybed?

Looks like the back window was designed by
Mondrian after a drunken night with
Robert Mallet-Stevens.

Is that a glowing skylight?
Meaning if it is, 
and it's not the light shining from inside,
that this asshole has yet another floor below....

It's a skylight. 
Fuck you.
I don't think that is a 
Kjaerholm daybed, and the interior decoration looks 
a little lacking,
so I feel a little better....

Bad art, bad speakers, bad bronze Asian figure
and a giant ugly pillow,


  1. you are my most favourite blogger in the whole universe

  2. Ha! Creepy and amazing.

  3. it's true, your blog is my favorite of all.
    this post made me absolutely sure.

    what a delight

  4. pixie peters9/26/11, 2:14 PM

    is that legal? Rooftop snooping? that was aws.

  5. pixie! long time no see! it is TOTALLY illegal, 40 lashes with an al dente noodle if caught!

  6. favorite post from the best blog

  7. I've been wanting to comment on this post for an age, but I was moving so I had no Internet.

    It's terrible to peep in people's windows of course, but I love this post too. I like the way you narrate your reaction.

    The other day I was walking along Riverside and looking up at this beautiful balcony that I like to admire whenever I pass it. I think I like to imagine Irene Dunne or Veronica Lake or somebody living there (a young Irene Dunne /Veronica Lake).

    Well this one day JUST as I was passing someone came out onto the balcony. And damn if it wasn't some schmo with an ugly silver backpack, khaki shorts, running shoes and a hockey team jersey.

    Then right after that incident I saw this post and it made me laugh so hard. I don't know what right I think I have to demand that the world live up to my picturesque imagination. But evidently you have the same right!

    Love it.