1st proper day in london

So after a bit of sleep,
I was ready to venture into London.
Nice walk through the woods to get to the train station.

I managed not to get lost.

I always love a good tunnel.
Very Freudian of me I guess....

And a little narcissism....

The mind is an interesting place....

Mind reader....

Who is that bloke in the pink shirt?

I got a bit lost on the way to Christie's,
but ran into this, so I was very happy.
Tatlin's Monument to the 3rd International
just sitting there in the courtyard of Burlington House.
Too bad I am going to miss the exhibition.

On to Christie's to preview the art sales.
Wonder what this could be about....

What's so challenging about 3 flag poles?
Wait, maybe it is the picture of Brook Shields crying?

Ok, now I get it,
It's the boy that has been hung from the flag pole!
You so cRaZy Maurizio!

Fuck yeah it is!
Well, it used to be....

I liked this a lot.
Perfect for those pesky barefoot door to door salesmen.
Mona Hatoum
Doormat II

Alway like...
Funny it is titled on the back
"Echoed" (Homage to the Square) Albers '54".
I don't remember seeing them referred to anything but "HTTS".

Very dramatic but effective
display of the Manzoni.

Leaving Christie's with Simon to get a pint,
 and we ran into this jewel.
Better than ANY of the art on display,
maybe not all, but definitely 90%
of it.
Look at this thang!
British heart with an Italian body....
I believe this is a 1965 DB5.
Sexy Sick!
No wonder James Bond drove one....

Time for a pint with the punters!
Rather fancy punters I must say,
but we are in Mayfair.

On to the P.A.D. Fair vernissage.
Why are all the big design fairs now in tents?

I didn't take that many pictures at the fair unfortunately,
it was mostly chattin' people up.
I'm going back and will take more...
This Sottsass totem was in the 
Friedman / Benda Booth.
The entire booth was Sottsass ceramics.
This pic is for you Jim W.

This was my favorite piece in the fair so far.
I would tell you who it was by, 
and whose booth it was in
but I'm thinking of buying it 
and there are only 4 left in the edition!
It would be a perfect solution to storing things that tick....

I loved this tiny Carl Andre from 1959.
If I had had a couple of more pints 
it might have gone right in my pocket....!


  1. ..is this a carl andre in your pocket or are you just glad to see me..

  2. I shot a nice Tatlin here: