amass-ing a phone

My friend JP Williams
gave me this incredible "Bauhaus"
phone for me to sell for him
2 years ago.
(It's been 2 years?!?!)
Anyway, I think it's the coolest thing since
bottled beer and so does JP,
but no one else seemed to give a shit.
Maybe it's the price?
It's not cheap
but well within the range they have sold for.
So it was funny to me when I guy came in today 
and took it out on approval,
and then shortly thereafter
JP walked in after not having seen him
in about a year.
Funny how that works...kismet....
Anyway, let's hope it sticks,
and for those of you 
who haven't seen this phone before,

Make sure to check out

1 comment:

  1. over that phone this conversation...
    sssssssss... this is professor walter gropius speaking , may i speak to my wife alma, at once please...toktok..ssss.. who is there on the other end any how.. this is kkoko..kroko.ssschka.what..! hello-
    this is oskar speaking....alma doesnt want to speak to you..shes in the tub with a bottle of liebfrauenmilch..ssssss.toktoktok... oh .and yes -
    she just wants a quick divorce..bye...ssss.tok.

    the mouthpiece just looked at grope.