raggedy olde hobo mystery chair

 Sorry for no posts in 
3 days!
I'm pretty sure that is a record....
I've just been slammed with work
and after-work activities
(Plus the earthquake,
that really took me out of the loop 
for about 29 seconds....)
One of my biggest challenges has been trying to
wrestle control of my storage!
What a disaster, 
but I have been 
running across some gems....

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a gem,
maybe a diamond in the rough,
or maybe just a pile of oily rags....

The question is,
what is this dang deal?

I've never seen this chair before,
and if it is one of my books,
I never noticed it,
but I think I would have because it is so cool.
I have no clue where I found it,
no memory at all, which is weird for me....

This is what I think I know about it:
1. It is American, although it could be Canadian.
2. It's from the late 1940s, early 1950s.
3. It has a limited production feel to it.
Maybe not a prototype feel,
but I'm guessing they didn't make too 
many of these.

The back is some sort of composite material,
not plastic, 
but like a flexible Masonite maybe?
The fabric is shot and filthy,
but it was in an earlier life
a very nice wool.

This shot makes me think of a 
Even the leg construction is similar...

It's just a raggedy olde hobo chair
 in a crazy expensive storage space in Tribeca...
You know what it is....


  1. The construction makes me think of the bent ply chair with the split down the back- kinda upside down. Damn I cannot remember the name but you will know. I like this old chair -enough room to sit criss-cross-applesauce

  2. is it kid size or normal size?

  3. superpicker: Lounge, adult size....

  4. My bet is that it is Italian, just a hunch.

  5. should i answer the question ?

  6. Nesci, I don't think so because of the construction and the fittings, screws, feet etc....

  7. Jim, you have id'd the impossible before me in the past.... let her rip....

  8. superpicker: good guess, that's why I included our neighbors to the north, I will check that Canadian furniture book... just gotta find it.....

  9. Chris, another good guess, Jim W thinks it is Ray too, now I just need a period picture....

  10. Is it the A.J. Donahue Winnipeg chair?

  11. Sarah, he is a good guess as the designer, but the Winnipeg Chair looks like this: http://www.wright20.com/auctions/view/AHPF/F57D/379/LA/none/TOP/0

  12. Definitely not the Winnipeg Chair, but could Donahue have designed another chair?