nyc hurricane preparedness as slacker art

in case you haven't heard, 
there is a hurricane 
headed toward your city
if you live on the East Coast 
of the good olde US of A.
I grew up in Hurricane Alley,
so these are old hat
for me.
But the rest of my fellow New Yorkers are
freaking out a bit.
I decided
to document some
of the DIY solutions
to the upcoming wind, waves, and water....

Either they don't want any mail during the storm,
or they are afraid of Irene sucking 
instead of blowing....

I like the placement and color
of the tape at the West Village art gallery Maccarone.

It was somebody's bright idea to turn every garbage can
 in the City
over this morning, a good 24+
hours before we were to get any strong winds....
The bright idea quickly turned into this....

Way into the color coordination
right down to the terracotta pot.

Ion Chair 69

I loved this "piece" when I saw it at 
Art Basel Miami last year....

Nope, it's urban sandbagging.

The blue plastic bag crammed 
into the gap of the door is a nice touch.

To the "Rusty Knot" Crew,
Nice job,
 too bad the Mayor forced you to close,
you would be making a MINT right now....

Loving this "piece".

These guys were not messing around.

This "piece" has an Andy Warhol feel to me 
with the silver tape.

I wanted to buy this but it was sold.

The Meatpacking District at 6pm
on a Saturday night.
Abandoned just like the good old days...


This is the most subtle job, I mean "piece" I saw,
it will also be the most difficult to remove....

Tourists were not sure what to do.

The Apple Store had custom silver grey
sand bags.
Would you expect anything else?


The subtle greys and purples in this piece are just sublime.

I put this on reserve.

Look at this masterpiece!
Wait, that's a window display.

This is my favorite.

They tried.

I can't remember what LES gallery represents this guy.....


  1. for how much does the garbage filled turend around garbage can go.
    a must have

  2. ..irene either will suck or blow but in any case she should keep her hands off..

    great p. - another document that will stay.

  3. exceptional!

  4. welcome back mondoblogo!!! super excellent visual curation of our collective insanity/inner beauty seeping on through...

  5. nice! just waited for this today :)

  6. Everything so sensitive, so real... made me cry

  7. lolz-ing to death over here.... another Irene fatality!

  8. Some of these were amusing, but remember...all plywood was gone. Folks tried their best to prepare with painter's tape on the windows. The plastic on the freight elevator was priceless. however.

    Thanks for an infusion of humor into a serious situation.

  9. Abigail Manzoni8/29/11, 12:44 PM

    this is outragious, i just got back from brooklyn, from vacation a day early bc my boyfriend and my mother were freaking out about the hurricane.. missed some good shots. :) i like your photos

  10. This is an AWESOME post! hilarious! For once we're not taking it in the shorts down here in the Gulf Coast... stay safe and stay dry, and you might wanna hang on to that packing tape for boxes!

  11. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!

  12. Bar Matchless had something a little darker on offer:

  13. SOOO funny. much needed comic relief-- glad the storm spared y'all enough that we're still laughing about this!

  14. this is so fucking good. Right up there with the prouve post.