apartamento #1 is in my house....

Magazine week continues here at
with a rare glimpse inside
Apartamento Magazine #1.
I got my hands on this little piglet
through a string of highly suspicious events,
it was on the up and up!
I promise. 
on a bible I'll promise my first born....
Here are a few of my favorite pages from 
the darling of late 2000's design magazine publishing.

The photography style has evolved, 
is essentially the same:
Interiors as they are are lived in.

Minimalist maximalist mishmash hipster 
arts peeps pads
are here 
of course.

And shit you have never seen before 
like this crazy ceiling lamp!
Never done did seen that fucker before...

This is great, 
they reprinted Martino Gamper's
in a 'parasite magazine'
(Issue 17, 2008)
I missed this shit too (the parasite mag), 
was I asleep in 2008 or WHAT?

As in all Apartamessos, I mean Apartamentos
there are ample cat photos,
much to my chagrin....

Messes, and messy bedhead 20 somethings 
that don't know how good they got it,
by now they do!
Your 30 now son! Get a job! Comb you hair!

And LOTS and LOTS of
wild and happy plants.
TONS of them!

I don't think this plant feature
made it past issue one.
I guess there were too many plants.
How could that be?
Never enough plants in an 
Apartamesso apartment.

Here's that damn "lamp" again!
Love that thang!
More on this later.....

There is issue 10 
Cover Boy Jim Walrod's 
friend Mike Mills.
Mike's place is cool.

Always a bit of architecture....

Cute hipsters, always.

I like these photos by Linus Bill.
Look how chapped my hands are!?!?
Does that turn you on Carl?

And the first Nacho / Omar collab.
Man have there been some good ones over the past 
10 issues!
Speaking of 10, 
Check out Issue #10
with my interview of Jim Walrod

That's all folks!
Track down an issue if you can!
I'm gonna go crawl in with these two cuties
and read this puppy....

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  1. oh yes p.- all this here is a big turn on..:-)
    my favourite in this post is the deconstructed 'safari chair' on p.62