martino gamper and his 100/chairs/days/ways

known as a great cook.
Well, if he's half as good a chef as he is an inventive designer,
then he should be working at
Innovative, daring and controversial,
Mr. Gamper deserves the attention he has gotten and more.
The idea behind the project that
this beautiful little book
is Martino making 100
different chairs in as many days.

Quite a feat....

"A recalled dialogue from
some time ago:
Martino: I will make 100 chairs
åbäke: What, the same one 100 times?
M: No, they will be different. 
They'll be actual size 3D sketching, 
you know, 
instead of drawing on a piece of paper.
å: Sounds great. Do it in 100 days then...."
And he did.


"Size 00"

"Back Seat"

"Barbapapa in Vienna"


"Sonet Butterfly"

"Hands On"

"Black Skirt"



"Chair Bank"

"Rainer Plastic"

"Philippe Fantastique"

 "Achille's Bicicletta"

"Back Issue"



"Darth Vador"


"Multiple Choice"


"Holding Together"

"Painters Mate"

"Foam Follows Function"

"Arnold Circus"

"Musical Chair"

More soon....

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