the new apartamesso is out!

"House of the Future" 
module in a dump in Kuwait.

So Issue #06 is out on some select stands 
here in in NYC.
(I got mine at Spoonbill in Williamsburg.)
You Euro Peeps get them WAY before we do.
Weird too,
you would think they would just throw them on a plane,
and there you go.
But for some reason 
that's not the way the 
international magazine distibution network 
The guy at the magazine store tried to explain it to me 
when I was looking for the last issue,
but I don't think he really understood the "system" either.
I don't think there is a system,
and that's the problem....

Anyway, here are my favorite 
from the current issue of Apartamesso,
I mean

Leon Ransmeir's Pad
on a NYC rooftop.

this is a nice "mess"...
Marie-Louis De Geer circa 1966.

Speaking of hot messes...
Paz de la Huerta's pad is in here.
She looks soooo familiar to me........

Carl Johan De Geer
Freaking-out among his mess....
(That's his wife from earlier, Marie-Louis.)

Marie-Louis De Geer again,
circa 1967.

Carl Johan De Geer's kitchen
circa 1975.
You gotta love a girl who takes a bath in the sink.
Unidentified messy bather.

Chateau de Nouïs mess.

Messy Mobile
Mr. Calder would have loved this.

One person's "mess"
is another person's neat freak fantasy....
This is Tomi Ungerer's place.

Only Apartamento 
could give a picture of 
dirty dishes 
a full page spread.
(And have it look good.)
This is Felisa Pinto's home.

This is for Jess.
She'll love this shot.
This is from an unidentified 
"feral" girl's studio.
(Maybe I should have known who she was???)

This is for Bunny
if she is looking.
It is from an AMAZING hut/house
on the Island of Calvary.
It's worth the price of the magazine 
just to see this place.
(Apartamento is now 19.95, 
every little bit helps....)

My kinda mess.
Leopoldo Pomés bedroom.

Gosha Rubchinskiy's 
studied and fashionable Moscow Mess.
American White Trash
is really hitting its stride internationally.
Good news for me!


  1. great post great commentary

  2. Thanks for the tip.
    Currently in London for some training and found it at a store selling clothes.
    Seems like a Dutch publisher, but never seen it a home before ;-)