apartamento magazine #10

 I've had my hot little hands
on this baby for a while now,
 but waited until the 
official US launch date to post.
It's a killer issue
and I highly recommend
you go find a copy.
is selling them here in NYC.
They won't hit regular bookstores for a while yet.
That's my buddy 
on the cover.
I interviewed him for this issue and
took the amazing photos.
That was a lot of fun, and
I am already thinking about my next 'victim"....
Here are some of my highlights
from the issue.

Great Andy Rementer cartoon!

She's power. 
Did you ever see the BMW she decorated?

Here is my interview with Jim.
That's Jim's wife Mara killing Tito softly....

There is always a little T&A.
This is Harmony Korine's wife 
Rachel and their daughter Lefty Bell.

Beautiful illustrations of Barcelona by

Scary bathroom in
Edward Colver's bungalow.

This architecture section is on Eduardo Longo.

 Jasper Morrison's tape collection,
styled by Omar Sosa and photographed by

Ken Garland's place, 
the most "Apartamento" of the bunch!

My major artist crush 
Tauba Auerbach's apartment.
She designed the spine design too.
That's fun to say... spine design!

 The "Apartamessiest" of the bunch,

Some rare "side nut" at

And lastly, an Artus de Lavilleón comic.

Go get a copy now
before they are all sold-out!!!
Also don't forget if you are in NYC
to come to the 

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