miami design / art / 2012

It's that time of year again!
Off to Miami for an 
orgy of art and design.
This year is gonna be a bit crazier,
since not only am I helping my
friends Mark and Dwayne set-up their booth,
but for the first time I will
be setting up my own booth at
I will be in the "On/Site" section of the fair
If you are in MIA come on by!!!

Here are some quick shots of the last
24 hours in paradise....

Always love the terrazzo and brass
Michelle Oka Doner
at the MIA airport.

Obligatory palm tree shot....

is doing the big entrance to the fair.

Mondo's booth!

It's official....

Lecture set-up....

Some incredible Art Smith sterling cuffs
in Mark's booth.

Plans and preparations...

Prouvé door...
This robot will be making something 
in the Audi booth.

Audi wins for best crates.

Chairs in the Audi booth...
I am very curious about these,
maybe the robot will be making them....

Sick R18 race car

 Design/Miami moodiness....

Mark's booth is looking great!

Just some smalls in MM's booth,
no biggie.

New "Brutalist" building on the way to dinner.

Swag from Demisch Denant

Big Pink!
Home for the next 10 days.

I wasn't kidding when I said 
"Big Pink" was pink!

Good Morning!
More soon...............

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