robert loughlin's memorial

I went to my friend 
memorial today
in the Meat Packing District.
Robert would have loved the location for many reasons.
It's hard not to make inappropriate jokes 
when talking about Robert,
because he said whatever he thought, 
whenever he thought it,
regardless of who, whom, 
or "what"
might hear it.
it was sad yet inspiring afternoon.
I saw a lot of amzing old friends,
some I had not seen in years.
My only regret was that it 
wasn't held in a bigger spot,
I heard that some people couldn't get in,
and that is sad to me....
here are some pics of the gathering....
Alan Moss spoke.
He was looking sharp.
Alan was a big influence on Robert,
as was Robert on him.

spoke. He and his crew organized the
whole event.
They did and outstanding job.
Big thanks to the SoHo House too.

Gary's speech was touching,
and very Gary.
He told some amazing stories,
many that I had never heard before.
Thanks Gary,
you were great, and I can't imagine how
hard this has been for you....

These pictures greeted you when you got off the elevator.
I don't know who did this,
I am assuming Thomas's team,
but if I can give specific credit please 
let me know.
I loved seeing the amazing blow-ups
of the vintage photos
of Robert.


We were fond of the same style of hat....

Damn Robert,
are you sure you weren't the model for the 
Über sexy!

I love this shot....

This has to be a
super early painting.

These pics were in the main room.

The white vase is an unfinished piece Robert
was doing as a commission for 
Alan Moss.
It will now be the urn for his ashes....

a dear friend, made an 
5 minute mini-documentary
for the occasion.
you need to expand that magic into a longer format.
Sundance here you come!

Such a sad yet inspiring afternoon....
New York City lost something vital when we lost Robert....
I hesitantly include this,
but as friends and I
went to commiserate
over a few beers,
I looked out the window,
and the hair stood up on the back of my neck.
I thought for more than just a second 
that it was Robert
just outside the bar....
In my mind it was,
if just for those few seconds,
really Robert there,
laughing, smoking and drinking a beer.
(a Heineken)
I really, really, really wish it had been.....

RIP Robert....


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  1. superpicker1/28/12, 6:06 PM

    How could it be a year ago that we were sitting in front of Mondo kidding about what he must have been up to at that dealers apt? The next day he was gone. RIP Robert.