finishing-up palm springs

Well, my view went from this-

to this, in just 8 hours....

Palm Springs was amazing though, you Californians better know how good you got it! So here are some highlights, or at least moments I thought to break-out the iphone or camera....

The convention center is actually very beautiful.

Worst booth, and this is during set-up. I got even worse if you can believe that!

Modernist Cowboy won for best booth, this is the dark side...

light side.

Claude Conover and sweet George Nelson Thin-Edge in Monkey McDonald's booth.

Most expensive chair in the show at 14,000.00

Rare Nelson "Chopstick" clock. I always loved this one. It's HUGE.

The best thing we found. Should pay for the trip and then a bit more if we get lucky....

The Horizon Hotel (where we stayed) is the most relaxing hotel in PS if you ask me. No scene, just totally chill. Designed by William Cody in 1952. There is not a single right angle in the place. Amazing.


  1. Amazing photos... I love Cali too... wish i lived there again!

  2. Je suis jaloux de vous!

  3. the best thing you found? who did that piece?

  4. The charger / bowl is by Georges Jouve.

  5. It looks small in the photo, but it is actually quite large.

  6. cowboy's booth. looking good!