peter voulkos: claymaniac

Peter Voulkos, 
just look at him! Nutz! 
In a good way, make that a great way....

I was looking through Rose Silva's 
book recently 
after not having opened it for years.

Signed! Nice surprise.

Out of the way, 
maniac with a forklift. 
You know something new is up 
when a potter needs a forklift.

Hum, quite large Peter.

So macho! Eat my clay Jackson!

Tough Tot.

He was even a bad ass biker, who knew?

is that some clay in your pocket or are 
you just glad to see me???

More madness....

More phallus....

Tough guy with a sensitive side.

He glazes like a house painter...

to great effect. 
Beautiful, rough, tough and lyrical 
all at the same time.
This Bud's for you Peter.

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