flora and fauna

We found these in Italy. We had nearly 200, but have been selling them steadily, including one very large group to Jack Spade. Never saw them in the store, maybe he took them home. I thought I would document the remaining 15 before they are gone....

Giant lizard of some sort. We rented this to "Wall Street 2" to go on Gordon Gekkos's desk. It's not a gekko, but no one will know....

Mr Gekkos's Mini Me.

Good name for a band.

I love these that show the stages of a life. This one is a beetle of some kind. Look closely, the adult is on the leaf.

Weird roots and tubers.

This one looks like a face or a Basquiat crown.

Plants have a gender too.

Worms, actually probably tiny caterpillars.

Large fuzzy caterpillars. "Larva di Farfalla", I wouldn't reccomend that if it was on the menu.

The life of an Italian wasp. Probably more interesting than the life of a W.A.S.P.

These photos are so blue, sorry....


Holy Rolly Polly!!!!

Whole Sole.

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