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I'm slowly getting around to posting
things from our
London/Paris trip,
and maybe I'll even get around to the Marfa pics before
the end of the year!

These shot were taken at the "first view"
of the fantastic show, 
"Calder | Prouvé"
at the Galerie Patrick Seguin in collaboration with
Patrick supplied the
furniture and architecture,
and Larry the sculpture.
A lot of the Calder pieces were working maquettes 
for monumental works,
and to see all the markings in Calder's hand 
on the pieces was fantastic.
The furniture and spine of a Prouvé
demountable house weren't bad either.
There were two parts to the show,
one at Seguin and one at Gagosian,
we unfortunately only saw 
the "in-town" one since the trek to the second location
never really fit into our schedule,
I kind of regret it now...
but you can't do everything
I guess....

This I could have taken with me, so great.

There were a lot of these beefy guys around,
I thought it was a little over the top for
a private event,
but when it's not yours,
and it's worth what it's worth,
I guess I can understand the need,
better safe than sorry.

Lotta these dudes around too,
buyer/collector/always on the phone types.
The table had a black Bakelite top,
soooo good.

See the markings?

There is Alex
it was so nice to get to
go to all the events she got invited to, 
and even nicer 
that she drug this hillbilly around with her.
I did get in a little "trouble" for taking so many
but hey girl,
 that's my "job"! ;)

I think that's Larry David to the left,
and Annabelle Selldorf in the center.
(kidding about Larry David!)

This guy was INTO it!
Breathe in that design!!!

Oh, here is a better picture of the markings.

 Always loved this auditorium lecture chair,
something very sexy about that back....

I'm already looking forward to next year's show....

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