jean royére fish tank.....

How did this actual
Jean Royére sconce design
turn into this
grossly misattributed table:

I kinda, sorta, see a simialiarity
when I have my glassses off and squint.
There have been sooo many
of these tables for sale on 1st Dibs and
I think it is terrible that they don't vet their site any better.
(Do they vet it at all???)
The site is a joke from a scholarly viewpoint….

There are also 2 coming up for auction
on November 30th

How does this happen?
Wishful thinking?
Herd mentality?
This particular attribution has driven me crazy for a while,
and I actually have had pickers get pissed at me 
when I said that the table they were trying to sell me for
1200 bucks 
was not anywhere close to being Francofile's dream.
it's time to end this here and now,
and during my research into this fiasco,
I came across a like-minded scholar who is a bit
more reserved in his criticism than I am,
 but has the goods to prove,
 once and for all,
that this
table is NOT Jean Royére:

And look at this travesty!
12,033 euro for an American aquarium stand!!!
Nice touch with the gold-leafing of the iron base....


Please send me more of these misattributions and I will post them
if they are fucked-up enough.
That reminds me about many other ones actually....
more soon....


  1. Hello, i agree with you concerning the misattritubuted, but I Am french and Tajan is really a well known house of expert and so I wonder if they could make such a big mistake ?

    Best regards

  2. I missed the "notify me" button ...