world's most expensive trash cans and the world's stupidest bidders

I continue to be 
by the bidders at
when it comes to trash cans.
I mean this really is really one for the
WTF department.
People do stupid bat-shit crazy stuff at auction,
and god bless them,
if they want it, go for it.
But this
P.S. Heggen
waste paper bin thing
is out of control.
Just check out the results from the last few years at 
Wright in Chicago:

$1785 per bin….

$6250 per bin!!!

$2500 per bin

$3125 per bin

$3125 per bin

$2083 per bin

$2131 per bin

Now check the ebay results from the last few months:

On ebay,
and this isn't even all of them,
the average is about $200-250 per basket.
I mean come on people!
Who is this stupid?
(or rich)
Plenty of people I guess,
or at least 2 teak freaks.
I have a fantasy of two anal retentive businessmen trying to fill their
pristine Scandinavian offices with identical trash cans….
But listen,
I make my living buying low and selling high,
so I applaud the dealer/s
that are able to pull this off,
but the discrepancy between what they are readily available for
and what they sell for at auction
is still so unbelievable to me,
a seasoned auction veteran,
that I just couldn't resist blogging about it.
Maybe I just should have kept my mouth shut
and joined the P.S. Heggen gravy train!!!
There is
still time to get in on the action:


  1. freaky - maybe Wright has some devious magical power

  2. What about those prices fetched for that Pepe Mendoza stuff a few months back!

    1. I didn't think those Mendoza prices were that cray-cray, I sell it for those prices….