prouvé stools @ christie's paris

 There is some nice 
Jean Prouvé
coming up at Christie's in Paris
on March 27th.
It's from the collection of his brother
Pierre Prouvé,
who worked at big brother's atelier.
The highlight is the stool above.
While having an estimate of 
$21,000 - 27,000
I feel this is low.
There are other more expensive pieces in the sale. but
this will be the piece that the collectors will fight for,
especially considering its provenance.

Period documentation from the catalog.

Speaking of rare,
this stool is also in the sale,
and while technically rarer than the other stool,
I will be surprised if it goes crazy.
It is estimated at 
$8,100 -11,000,
and that seems about right.
I wouldn't be surprised if it went higher,
but as a one-off,
with a stock tractor seat,
it's more of an oddity than an object of desire....

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  1. I want it all. Thanks for sharing!

  2. they are so lovely - and the photos are great