the ultimate hippy hideaway....

This is the exit door for "Pipe Dreams"
an underground gallery.

I can't get enough of this book

This one is a doozie,
the home of
Leda Livant and Michael Kahn.
I'm going out on a limb here,
but I'm guessing they are some sort of
both of 'em.

Here is where you enter.
Does it look like an Elephant to you?

Leda Levant

"Pipe Dreams" Gallery

The walls are painted.

Pretty amazing work.
Stained glass glued to panes of glass with 
painted concrete over chicken wire.

 Can you feel it?
The vibe is strong....

Dude, this place is far-out.

That is a sleeping loft.
No pillow needed.
You will be floating because you will be 
stoned out of your mind.

This room is made of:
driftwood, carved branches, stones
rammed earth, dirt, water, dried leaves, weeds, mirror and
glass and pottery shards.

Kitchen by Michael Glastonbury.
This is in "Hipodome"
another building on the property.

This is a huge wood burning stove.
The ceiling is covered in Mylar.
You are tripping your balls off on LSD.

Lets do the dishes tomorrow....

Solar Heated Bathhouse.
Two surprises here,
one, that they used solar instead of electricity,
and two, that they bathe.
(Just kidding Leda.)

This is a converted flatbed truck that they drove from
Cape Cod.

This is the last chamber of
"Pipe Dreams"
Giant tassel by Elizabeth March.
Dreams by Peyote.

A sofa covered in homemade weavings,
a Victorian lamp made to look like a rock,
 a guitar AND a tambourine.
what more does a hippie need?



  1. Wow! What a cool gallery and the kitchen counter is a work of art.

  2. My favorite pic is the entrance hallway. Although the surface seems chalky, the walls are almost iridescent. What an effect!
    As lysergic as the space may be, the artists definitely resisted all sort of crunchy, hippie iconography (naive flowers, rainbows, etc.) that always ruins the trip , so kudos to them.