"not on view" #2: the met

So here is round 2 of
"Not on View"
from the archives of the 
Metropolitan Museum of Art.
They say
"not on display"
seems about right....
I apologize for the low-rez images and wonky cut and past
of the descriptions but there was no way in hell I could type that all in,
these damn post take forever as it is!!!
(No wonder I like the immediate gratification of Instagram!)

Note: this is from 1930, NOT 1980!
Ahead of your time Mr. Bouy....

I have a real problem with this attribution.
As my friend James would say, somebody got
a "little nutz" with that stamp,
I'm going to look into this more....

1 comment:

  1. what fun curation! Really enjoying this series already.
    Can't help but imagine each set as an exhibition or home.
    looking forward to more.