"not on view": a new series on mondoblogo

So today I am starting what I hope will be a new,
and long running series called
"Not on View",
inspired by my searches through the
Museum of Modern Art's
Architecture and Design archive.
I am fascinated by the amazing things that aren't on view,
and in some cases haven't been on view
at all in my memory.
This isn't surprising to me;
the archive and collection is vast,
and there is no way to show everything.
So that will be my job,
to dig out some hidden gems for
your viewing pleasure!
(I apologize in advance for some of the images being
so low-res, but that's the breaks when you
pull stuff from the web....)


  1. Mondoblogo... posts worth waiting for.. that Mari Object!

  2. Why Calder's 'Cat Lamp' is not on display baffles the hell outta me. Curating. Gotta luv it.