this is why you preview....

I look through auction catalogs
almost everyday.
I preview auctions online every week.
But nothing beats 
getting your ass up out of the 
and over to the actual auction house.
A prime example of why is the above piece.
I looked at it in the catalog for maybe 1 second.
Just a hideous print of some poodles.
I didn't even bother to read the description.
So you can imagine my surprise 
when I walked into 
and saw this:

Hell yeah!
A giant RUG?
I thought it was a tiny shitty painting.
This thing is so horribly bad that I 
LOVE it!
If I lived in an all concrete bunker in Berlin,
I would buy this thang so quickly,
and I am not even kidding.
How amazing would it look in this dudes pad:
Remember him?
The Poodles would be so at home here!

It makes you wanna take off all your clothes and 
roll around with them doesn't it?
It sure does me....