interiors now! part duex

Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Take the second "a" out of Paraty
and what do you get?
What goes on at this place...

I just got to cracking open my copy of 
"Interiors Now! 2"
and it's pretty darn good!
There is some stuff I had not seen,
and some stuff I had, 
but overall I would recommend it even for the 
interior enthusiast....

Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India
This interior
makes using one of those 
scary squat and poop "toilets" 
seem fun!

Avignon, Vaucluse, France
Le Reading Nook

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
I could do a whole post on this interior.
Totally untouched and all original since 1963.

Berlin, Mitte, Germany
I'm so surprised this dude is from Berlin....
Intense...black on black interior,
just like his outfit...and his soul....
Nice Auböck table.
Like a wooden bullet 
headed to the skull of Hans Bellman....
I really DO like this space,
it looks even better in the book.

Buenos Aires. Olivos, Argentina
A kitchen always needs a view in my opinion.
These last two kitchen interiors are for Jess....

Capri, Campagna, Italy
Ladder to go up, dive off to come back down....

East Hampton, Long Island New York, USA
Nothing says "loaded" like
two Royere chairs in the foyer.
You can't really tell from my 
bad reshoot pictures,
but this place screams money, but in 
a way that makes me jealous, not pissed...

Guarujá, San Paulo, Brasil
Looks very relaxing.
I bet there are monkeys in that jungle.
I love monkeys....

Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain
This room makes me sleepy.
I bet if I was in Ibiza,
it would make me frisky....

Ile-de-France, France
This house is 90% underground.
The owner says a house in the forest 
spoils the landscape.
I don't agree,
it totally depends on the house.

London, England, UK
That Baker table never looked so good.
This is a "man-crush" of mine's home,
Marc Newson.

Marrakech, Morocco
This room make me want to get high,
and I don't even get high.

Milan, Lombardy, Italy
The caption in the book says this is a 
Carlo Mollino chair,
I don't think it is...
That back leg looks all wrong.
To me it looks more Ponti that Mollino,
but what do I know.
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Milan, Lombardy, Italy
You Europeans and your high ceilings....

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  1. what's that chair in Barcelona? You know I love a fat chair with skinny bones...

  2. Please do a post on the entire interior in Barcelona!

  3. my.. p.
    this one is one of your masterpieces.
    thank you.

  4. Hey, I live near to Guarujá, here in Brazil. And sorry, but no, there's no monkeys in ours cities since the 19th century. :)
    Actually, Guarujá is a very structured coast city that receives millions of tourists every summer, and, unfortunately, what's really missing here is a piece of nature... and the house of the photo is not in the city, but probably on the hills.