the modernist's summit

My friend Michael and I headed Upstate
to Hudson for the 1st annual
"Modernist's Summit"
in Hudson, New York
hosted by my friend Mark.
Nice desk huh?

Flea market find.

Eames Hospital

Lineup of Leza McVeys.

Mark's VERY excited about his new find....


My purchase. 
A Leo Amino I have always loved....

Mark and Stuyvesant wave hi in front of Mark's 
downtown compound.

Michael in the backyard of Mark and Dwayne's
home in the woods.


Modernist bench the next day.

I have no idea what this says,
but found it odd in "downtown" Hudson.

All the antique stores were closed,
(nice planning)
so we just got to window shop.

Poor Kitties....

This guy was the Valedictorian for sure.

Scary coffee shoppee interior.

Even scarier....

Time for a tattoo!
I got a piece of Auböck on my wrist.
Mark got a Maija Grotell on his thigh,
and Michael got a Rietveld chair 
on his butt,
but he wouldn't tell us which one....

Modernist Diner
soon to be a "fancy" restaurant.

Modernist bench in train station on the way up.
I love the concrete "cushions".

Semi-modernist bench in Hudson.

Proto-Modernist Barn House

Country Modernist bench at the train station.
Time to head back to NYC....
Until next year....


  1. This seems like y'all just had a fun party and called it a "summit"!

    Yer busted! ;)

    Actually that's probably the basis for more than one "movement" in modern art, so design students will probably be writing up this summit in their theses years from now.

  2. chillin, someone's got good taste in denim...

  3. meow~ those cat's are fierce, and the benches aren't bad either....

  4. Dear Mondob,

    It's Rietveld.
    Nice report again with inspiring pics.

  5. superpicker6/2/11, 3:45 PM

    I'll take that Leo Amino please!

  6. digdog, thanks.... I before E, except after C,
    Or when it sound like 'A', like in Neighbor and Weigh,
    Or when it sound like 'Ear', like in the word Weird,
    Unless it sound like 'Eek', like in Duncan Sheik!

  7. somebody stole my post!
    p.:first my thanks for the ö!
    and- what in this world did you popeye on your wrist? a treetrunk table or portrait of carlII..?
    show it, show it!