shame on you philadelphia!!!!

I watched this last night on Netflix and was literally
yelling at the screen.
Embarrassing, disgusting and sad....
Like the world needed another reason to hate Philly.
(Sorry Andy!)
Watch it.


  1. oh thanks for the tip! it's now on my list.....

  2. wasn't it so infuriating? i'm so sad that i wasn't able to see it before it was moved. some customers of mine have told me how beautiful and amazing the place was.

  3. Yeah I saw this awhile ago and it made me so mad - I hate to tell you the outrage really stays with you. I think the fact that the final judge caved was the saddest.

  4. Wonder who the man on top was that got the $100,000,000 funding? Amazing how something that big just slips in to the budget without personal responsibility.

  5. I visited the Barnes years ago and it was incredible to find this impressive collection of art nestled in a rather unassuming (but wealthy) neighborhood. I remember back then the neighbors were complaining about the 'traffic' which was like one bus load of visitors every few hours. I'm afraid to watch this doc because it will probably piss me off too much.

  6. P, did you ever see the collection? I never had the chance.