bless this mess: apartamento #07

My friend Brian got me an advance copy of 
which he got from Marco,
who is in town for ICFF,
among other things.
Marco, if you are reading this, 
let's get that coffee before you head back!

Bruce Benderson's living room

Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi's

Masha Orlov's bedroom

Zoe Bedeaux's floor

 Zoe Bedeaux's mess

Zoe Bedeaux's view

Ola Rindal's cat

Classic "Apartamesso" shot

Aldo & Marirosa Ballo's place

Aldo & Marirosa Ballo's art


Spread from Casa Vogue, 1981

Kenny Scharf's pad

Kenny Scharf sculpture

Adan Jodorwsky's music room

Arturo Alvarez's workshop

Sancal offices

Expormin's wicker

Nani Marquina's kitchen stuff

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  1. I love seein' old coconut chairs in situ...gives me wood....most underated American modern chair...10 years from now the really old ones are gonna be goin' for five figures..

  2. OMG, cool magazine! I have to check it out. Wonderful post!

  3. Love this, especially fond of that Kenny Scharf. In about 2000 Portland got some Scharf totems and I remember thinking (along with the rest of the city) they were the most god-awful hideous heinous things ever. And I was even in art school at the time. Over the years I have come to adore them, they are still garish and hideous, but in the best way possible. If all the other public art in Portland were destroyed I would be okay, just leave me my Scharf totems!!