pssst... wanna buy a prouvé building?

Well, this March 4th in Paris,
somebody's dream 
of opening their own 
art and music school for kids
will come true,
because that is exactly what is being sold,
in Paris.
No reserve, you pay all dismantling costs 
(you have one month), 
and you must have that puppy
totally in pieces and off the school grounds 
by August 31st!

 This is kinda hard to read....

 Not THAT exciting,
BUT it's a PROUVÉ!
Impress your friends, 
your children, 
freak-out your neighbors!

It just keeps getting more exciting doesn't it???
Perfect for the masochist that wants to 
relive the horrors
of grade school,
but in a very fashionable
Prouvé Way.

if you are already living out your 
Brad Pitt "Kalifornia" fantasies
of living in a trailer park,
you could park this next door.
It would be a match made 
in heaven!

I would rather
live in one of these:

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  1. These current architects make me think of Prouvé