from the sublime to the ridiculous: mondo albion

I'm really not sure what I have found here...
 other than a 
You know how much I love freaks.
So I found the above image on ebay while 
looking for vintage mobiles.
A mobile, an attractive topless woman,
and a bearded weirdo,
kinda like winning the ebay lottery for me.
So I tried to find more on
Dominico Albion....

I found this image next.
Not bad...
for many, many reasons....
It appearars that 
Dominico Albion
is a fashion designer/artist/shoemaker/perv/freak
from Florence Italy
and is the proprietor of
I mean this was meant to be right?
I'm still diggin' for information on him,
but I figured if I didn't post this right NOW,
I never would.
If anyone knows more about Mr. Albion,
please let me know, I am especially interested in his
mobile hats and fashions.
Oh yeah, and there are a TON of
You Tube videos,
here are a few,
I don't speak Italian so I have NO idea
what is going on, all I know is that I like it....


  1. Ciao!

    i've just bought a pair of his shoes, and was so inspired by the guy, that decided to google him. Hi gave me as a present his book Democrazia Burocrazia and booklet of his photos from 90's.

  2. That's amazing! Send me a pic of your shoes!

  3. he appeared on a UK TV programme:



  4. I have an Albion pendent with the words "L’intermediario parla ilsuono superfauo" on each side. Bought it from Albion in Flotence in the late 1960's. Would like any information about value. Thanks
    David cem620@aol.com

  5. I just bought some shoes from him last week. They are my favorite ever

  6. I bought shoes from him about 10 or 12 years ago. I have a book as well, 10, Domenico Albion, Del Planeta Terra, pub. 1977. It's a shame because I neither speak nor read Italian and have NO idea what any of it means... It looks to be interesting. Still have those gorgeous shoes also.

  7. Hi everyone..There's a lot more information on Albion, from Albion himself.
    Check this link out: http://bit.ly/1nabiAH