banner power

Alfred Jensen
(Eat your heart out Mark Grotjahn,
you weren't even born when Big Al
was crankin' this out....)
Mark Grotjahn
"MG 638"
(For the record, 
I LOVE Mark G. 
I met him once and he was super cool.
He collects ProuvĂ©, 
so he must be cool right???)

Oh yeah, what was I doing here....
here we go, 
I'm back on track:

A Mondoblogo reader, 
Chip from Williamsburg,
(I should say looker, 
since there is seldom anything to read, 
and if there is,
well, watch out, 'cause it will be REALLY boring....)
sent me these scans of an article from 
Horizon Magazine 
(Spring 1964)
that he thought the Mondoblogos would like.
So here it is, a very cool story
and even cooler banners.
Thanks Chip!

I want to know more about
"Euclidian lines of"
Arthur Cohen's
Nice Zebra rug and hanging light.
That light looks like Alvin Lustig,
even at this low resolution... go to the book...
HAH! It is Lustig. This particular apartment is not
shown in the Lustig book, but I'll see what I can find later....

Back to the banners,
the whole reason we are even here for Christ's sake!

Tom Wesselmann

Can you read the names?
If you can't ask
Greg @Gregdotorg
He knows everything....

I Love Leon Polk Smith.
Lookin' good Leon!

I see these all the time 
and never look at them....
Not anymore.


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  1. And I saw some Malene Landgreen over at Tell you Today
    http://tllytdy.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/screen-shot-2011-02-14-at-5-00-32-pm.png (kinda a zetigiesty thing?)
    These sure beat the walmart easter bunny banners in my hood.