north carolina holidaze wrap-up

I thought I would do a little
post-holiday wrap-up....
Homemade Apple Butter 
left by a kind neighbor
for Mammy.

Yes, we are in the South....
"White" "Lawn Jockey"
at neighbor's "farm"
where my dad just got permission 
to fish.

They have a beautiful small lake....
Wonder if there are any fish in it????

Why yes there are!

My ride when I am down there.
(Thanks Pops!)

Another mode of transportation,
Aunt Lil's horses.

Yet another more agro mode,
John's new rig.
This thing was badass and a blast
to ride in.

Famous cousin alert:
entertains us during
"Dirty Santa"
at Rock House.

Signs to the Cousin's houses.

Cousins Marion and Susan's
new home.
They built this themselves in 
(More on this this summer....)

Their old "off the grid" cabin.

There is a bridge from the old structure to the new.

This is their outhouse
that they just stopped using.

Incase you though it was just for 
This is the real deal.

Spotted at the local antique mall.
Seemed appropriate.

Mom's moss garden in a Donald Judd bucket.

Bec gave this to my Dad for 
I was a little jealous....
She works with the 
Check them out,
they do good work.

What a difference a day makes!

(Click the link to see the video my cousin Heath made.)

Jack and Bear in the fresh snow at "Topside".


Sweet Josie.
Still looking good even though she is so sick.
That's "Ball",
 her main toys for years and years.

Sunset oysters and a Sweetwater IPA
on the porch.
As Mammy would say,

Sunset Jessie!

So many choices!
Dali decides on which one of Dad's
treats she will sample first.

Bec builds a Homie Snowman
on the back deck.

Mantle still life

Late night visitor!

Until the Spring....


  1. Happy New Year! Yours is always a welcome "site" for eyes (sore or otherwise).

  2. Right back at you and thanks for looking!