donald judd had a boat in switzerland

I am finally back to 
after traveling and a bit of
New Year's

I found this old 
Architectural Digest
Donald Judd's 
home in 
while out picking 
North Carolina.

Dig this cover with the
"Donald Judd" banner.
Could they have picked a 
more non-Judd cover pic?

I could deal with this.
What is that Saturn art?

I hate this room.
So minimal and boring.
Where is the fake wood 
paneling and the potted plants?
So sterile and awful.
What's up with that 
cheap wood furniture too?
Why are there no 
books in those metal 
bookcases on the wall?
This guy is nuts.

This is a bit more like it.
Finally some forced 
warmth and clutter.

Is that a chair or 
a garbage can?

Where is all the stuff?
How could anyone 
live like this?

Messy minimalism,
it was BIG in 1991.

Well, at least the view is nice.

A view of the boathouse.

What does a Donald Judd boat look like???

Maybe like this?


  1. what a great find. I usually hate archit. digest but this is great!

  2. yup that is pretty contrived

  3. d'oh, you are killing me. How could the net come up with photos of Judd's boat before photos of Judd's Land Rover??

    Also, I suspect that Saturn is by Vija Celmins.

    Happy New Year

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