unexpected mountain find: jacob jongert!

Continental cancelled our flight today
and booked us on a
new flight,
from now!
Well, that wouldn't do, 
so after
2 hours on the horn, 
we are now headed back Friday.
The other good news is that we got to go picking,
which we were unable to do earlier due to the weather 
and the holidaze.

You can imagine how
surprised I was to find this icon of 
Dutch graphic design sitting on the floor
in a booth of potpourri and dried flowers
at the local antique mall!
We actually bought a bunch of cool stuff,
but this was definitely the star of the day.
It's a little worse for wear,
but it is honest wear,
and I think I almost like it better than if it
was dead mint.
Someone also punched a bunch of holes in the top,
probably to house a rattlesnake for some
at the local Pentecostal church.
At least that's the story I'm stickin' with....



  1. for me these holes look like they have been shot ,not via buckshot, but .22 perhaps.
    the holes do not correspond with the layout of the beautiful typography.
    i imagine the snake in the dutch box looking up and configuring the (lighter) holes somehow as stars in a small universe, in that case fixed ,not moving, dreaming if there might be another dimension to this here life in the box.
    auster would of course find out that these holes are set in a certain (talking) form and so transmit an information, for the snake as well as for us.

  2. sooperpigger12/30/10, 5:40 PM

    It seems at that point, when the snake realizes this constellation of possible communication the sun would set, as it does, leaving us & the snake hoping for a full moon carrying with it the promise of fresh information. Do snakes experience yearning? Nice pick P.

  3. Great wear. That craquelure could be a whole new font!

  4. Hi,

    Love reading your blog!

    In case you want to know what's on the bottom, the translation is below.
    But it probably makes it a bit less magical.

    wordt alleen aan onze afnemers
    IN BRUIKLEEN gegeven, die
    daarin onze Verpakte Koffie
    en Thee bewaren, en moet ons
    worden uitgeleverd, zoodra zij daarmede ophouden.

    THIS TIN is only given to our buyers IN LOAN,
    who store within it our Packed Coffee and Tea,
    and has to be surrended, when they stop with that.

    More info (in Dutch) over here:
    The box dates somwhere between 1933 and 1950.

  5. Thanks for this great information!

  6. Carl, as always, an amazing comment.....!

    You too Sooperpigger!