more hillbilly architecture

I love shit like this!
Man, if you got a trailer, why build a whole house?
You only need a half a house
your trailer.

I would LOVE
to own this thing.
I wouldn't do anything to it
other than clean that
creepy stuff
out of the front windows.

I mean
This thing is almost
(well, not really)
as nice as the 
Breuer Wolfson House.
(More on that later.)

It kinda looks like
they pulled the trailer 
into the carport
and then
the house and trailer

I like the trailer windows.
The faded blue is nice too.

This is the back door,
or the front door
if you prefer a yin and yang,
69 type-o-thang 
going on with
your trailer/house

All normal and shit from this angle.

But a surprise is
awaiting right around the

More yin and yang
and the creepy
stuff in the window.
Here's to Hillbilly Ingenuity!!!!


  1. this vernacular marriage of house and wheels reminds me of many couples i know , friends who merge their different abilities and characteristics for life.
    this work of life seems similar,a snug fitting of a trailer - was new one day , they worked on the half house out of their trailer till it was not mobile anymore.

  2. wow this is great - I am always so impressed by the brilliance that comes from the need for self-expression with limited resources,. This is a real gem. Who needs the Prouve gas station ( ok just a little bit)

  3. the fabrication actually looks pretty darned good. Well beyond "cobbled up"