haircut 100

I cut my hair yesterday.
So naturally it made me think of the
West Main Barber Shop
I've posted places like this 
in the past,
but it never ceases to amaze me
when things are/go virtually
for years and years.
Whether someone has the vision, 
or lack of money,  or lack of time, 
or is just plain
or maybe totally brilliant,
when a place is as untouched as this barber shop is,
it is truly special....

These two early alkaline pots 
are prominently displayed in 
the window and always have been
as long as I can remember.
Funny Hillbilly Juddian display.

They are beautiful pots,
probably locally produced
in the early part of the last century.

This decal in the window has to date from the mid 60s,
If not earlier.

This is all hand painted,
please notice the red details.

The interior.

Newer chairs in front, older in back.
12 total.
They must have
been busy 
back in the day.

Love this.
This isn't a damaged floor,
it is a lovingly 
and well maintained floor.
Just great!


  1. I vote for brilliance

  2. There are a couple of businesses just like this on the strip near my house...a brass lamp repair/shop (very specific), a furniture repair shop that has astroturf instead of carpet which seems to only repair Lane wicker back kitchen chairs from the 80’s, and a place that is called Globe Slicers. What in the hell is a Globe Slicer? I wish I knew. Those places are so weird and awesome.

  3. g/d- take some shots! and you have to find out what globe slicers is....

  4. used to go here for my cuts until some years ago.
    took about three years to get beyond talking about the weather... did you know the current owners are twins,, names randy and ricky (not certain about the 2nd, but it starts with 'r) until recently they didn't have a phone.. the former owner used to come in on tuesday mornings to cut.- too bad you didn't show the people.. (sheriff etc) on a rainy day place looks like something from frank's 'the americans'

  5. Werner, thanks for the info! Next trip I will go down when they are open
    to get the scene in full effect! Love that the owners are twins too!