the greatest city on earth....

I was at my sister's wedding today at City Hall 
(not what you think)
and while
watching my niece, she went running towards
"5 in 1"
the Tony Rosenthal sculpture I posted less than 36 
hours before.
As we go closer to it I saw something was going on....
Wait, this can't be....

No f-ing way!

There was a crew of guys working 
on it!


The woman taking pictures was
in charge.
I tried to find out when she had
gotten the orders to
start restoring it,
but she kept dodging my

It was just so weird,
one day I am bitching
about it on
and the next 
they are working on it.

It kinda freaked me out.
I'm sure 
had nothing to do with it,
but still....

"5 in 1"
(I found out from the lady that it was meant to represent the 5 boroughs
coming together as one city. Fitting, no?)
So thanks Mr. Mayor Bloomberg!
Thanks fellow taxpayers!
This will be money well spent
for a great sculpture,
in one of the greatest cities 
on Earth,


  1. OMG this is incredible - I seconded the motion yesterday. Can you get stuff through congress?
    I used to live in NY it is the best F-ing City, with the best F-ing people on earth, the majority of whom really care. I believe there is a chance, you had something to do with this.

  2. I'm convinced that the power of the Mondo nation was the sole reason the Mayor Bloomberg got off this ass!,,,,

  3. Amazing. A great coincidental turns of events, unless of course MONDOBLOGO has much more pull than any of us know...hmmm.

  4. Running things.....it aint' all gravy. Congrats to Bec.

  5. On the eve of major subway and bus cuts they paint a sculpture...

    Mondoblogo has power!!!