from the penthouse everything looks groovy....

We went to an engagement party today 
for my sister and her soon to be husband 
at a friend's penthouse apartment.
Oh the life!
She has a 360 degree wrap around porch!
I know, I hate her too....
Except, she is just much, much too lovely and generous to hate.
And, let me tell you, the inside is just as
nice as the outside.
(Maybe I can try to pull a Selby and get her to let me shoot it???)
For those of you in NY,
you know how special this is,
you West Coasters are just going, what's the big deal dude?
And then you trot out into your yard and pick a fresh grapefruit
and an avocado for your breakfast.
We hate you too!
So, enjoy these views from the top!

Looking north easterly.

Looking south easterly.

Looking up the "canyon" of 7th Avenue.

Big Daddy

Old, newish, older, newest.

I believe this building was built just before the Crash of '29.
Nice details in the brickwork.

This arch is probably 15 feet high.

Nap time!


Nice terra cotta details too. 
Art Deco Tudor, aka
"Stockbroker Tudor"

The clouds were perfect, but BOY was it windy!

Nice pot.

Looking South.

Nicer pot.

I wish I could make my horizontal shots bigger....
Click on it if you can.

One more shot of "Big Daddy"


  1. The color is CRAZY. Are the clouds real?

  2. congrats to your alps with elevators..

  3. - yes I actually was just picking golden delicious apples with my kids!
    We hate you back!

    nice pics...

    -So west from you guys we're east again,
    Le Golden Smith