sori yanagi in the house

I forgot where I bought this book?
Tortoise in LA?

Well, anyway. That doesn't matter,
We all know him from the stool above,
but he designed everything from industrial spigot handles
to saki carafes,
and pretty much everything in between....


Love more.

I have never ever seen this chair.
The joinery on the back is great.
His take on "The Chair" I guess,
but better for me.

His "Eiffel Tower" chair is simpler
than the original,
but not as interesting.

Noguchi anyone?
Looks like he flipped the base on a 'Rocking Stool".

I wouldn't mind having one.

I find this a bit more original.

I find this completely original.
Looks like a nautilus!
Best toilet paper dispenser EVER!

Love everything about this.

what have we learned about Sori? 
That his "Eastern" takes on classic modern "Western" furniture,
 can be, but are not always, a bit derivative. 
But when he nails it, he is unique.
I will try to post more of his designs tomorrow....
Love me some Yanagi!

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