mexico city madness !!!!

I just got my brand spankin' new copy of Taschen's 
"Interiors Now!" 
It was edited by Angelika Taschen who is Benidikt's wife and partner.
I had seen it first mentioned 
on David's blog, YHBHS.
Go buy a copy! 
It's really amazing, with dozens of super beautiful and unique homes.

Check out the unbeleivable "golf cart" in the lower right photo.
Hello puppy!
Hello architect, or is that one of the crew members of Star Trek?

It's like Jacques Tati and Bruce Goff 
had a threesome with Antonio Gaudi.

Javier Senosian is the architect and home owner.
It was built in 1984, which I find very appropriate.

Even the grounds are surreal and sculptural.

I don't drink (anymore!) but this makes me thirsty for a beer,
I mean a seltzer with grapefruit.

Do I love the basketball goal in the tree?

All the rugs and skins are loose, which is a little weird, 
but cool....

Ok, PLEASE, this is sick!

Nothing I don't love.

The dog is so cute.

This is my favorite....


  1. wow. this just made me hate living in ny.

  2. I moved to Mexico City from Madrid and about six months ago we nearly move to one of Senosian's houses in Satélite (the suburb created by Goeritz and Barragán, among others). Too bad traffic finaly prevented me from doing it, but God aren´t they the best houses ever. Regards!