narcotics are us

Ok, so I don't remember where we found this, maybe Brimfield? We have had it forever, again one of those things I can't bring myself to sell.  I would say it dates from the late 60s early 70s. The cereal piece reminded me of it, so dug it out of deep storage. It too was hard to photograph because of the reflective nature of the inside mylar covering, so please bear with me yet again....

The beauty is on the inside....

Sorry about all the reflections.

Need a little "PEP"? How about being the "CO-PILOT" on my "CARTWHEEL" trip?

Look at all the pretty colors! Does that one rouge Sarah Palin pill bug me? Yes.

When was the last time you "manicured" your marijuana? Maybe when you were prepping for that "BOMBER"?

Love the plastic poppy, it's the only thing in here that doesn't look real.

All the paraphernalia....

2 different colors of cough syrup, I mean they were thorough. What the funk is "ASTHMADOR"?

They really didn't leave much out did they?

I'm surprised they didn't include a cup of "JOE".

Nice detail. Whoever put this together was having fun with it.

Just in case you wanted to "bust it open"....

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