back to the 90s

My friend 
was showing me this book the other day
at his place and
it struck me/us how the collector Jenette Kahn
was way ahead of her time.
She made some amazing choices 
in design and art
over 20 years ago.
Others were very much of that period,
fads really, 
such as Bakelite flatware, radios,
and Naugas,
but others were WAY ahead of their time.
Dig in and enjoy
a trip back to the glory days of collecting....

All images
(and I am sorry they are so shitty,
and captionless,
but I am so tired and sooooo hungry
after a super long day on the road.
 I promise better quality ones next time!)
are from the book:
"In Your Space: Personalizing 
Your Home and Office"
By Jenette Kahn
Abbeville Press


  1. Sh.t the 90's were that long ago. That explains a lot. Definitely some wow going on.

  2. Replies
    1. Very... Speaking of which, I need to post more from my nest of Nests....

    2. please do, so many of mine are too busted now to touch, the plastic slipcases are sweaty with oil, piss elegance in particularly has become a nasty mess, and many of the metal pieces are getting rust and gross :-(

  3. She was very successful as president of DC Comics. Apparently she succeeded at her hobby too. The nerve of some people.