hans bellmer + unica zürn

Hans Bellmer
"Tenir au frais"
("Keep cool")
Collage with gouache on Masonite

always has fantastic shows.
Go check this one out for sure if you are a fan of 
Hans Bellmer or surrealism.
This exhibition is on the influence
that Hans had on his lover Unica Zürn 
and vise-versa.
They were together for 17 years before
Zürn's suicide in 1970.
Hans died in 1975 at the age of 73.



  1. there is a current theory that the overfrequent consumation of cheese fondue together with substantial amounts of cherry schnaps is the ultimate dreamcreator.. dreams that never end ..even more so.. life turns more and more into that dream or more that nightmare.
    specially in switzerland.. perhaps its the short sun period s in the spaces between the high and uprising snowy mountains.. isnt n.y. a bitlike that too only that you live inside the mountains.
    well..ok... gonna find some strings and stuff.. tv is a bore tonite...chchch

  2. Some of that surreal stuff can be very jarring to me. but I found this strangely tender.